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Top 10 digital learning blogs

There is an abundance of digital learning blogs and news forums out there, like every learning professional we also strive to keep up with the latest developments and trends in the industry. We have put together a handy guide to our top 10 digital learning blogs and news forums.

1. E-learning Industry

First up is the E-learning Industry, posting frequently, the blog is constantly updated with articles based on topics such as learning management systems and corporate learning. Described as the ‘largest online community of eLearning professionals’, the website gives those passionate about e-learning a chance to connect and share content with other learning professionals. Instinct have even posted a blog of our own on there!

2. Agylia

Agylia delves into the L&D world, keeping up with the latest developments in Learning Management Systems, Mobile Learning, Microlearning, and eLearning. As well as insightful news and developments Agylia also provides interesting round ups of the industry events such as the Learning Technologies.

3. The Training Zone

Although this isn’t a purely e-learning centred blog, the website is the ‘largest and most active independent online community for L&D professionals in the UK’. It has proven to be a great learning source for the team and we’re sure it be a valuable resource for L&D professionals out there with 87,000 members.

4. Elucidat

Written by the team at Elucidat, the blog offers an insight into all things e-learning with articles such as ‘4 tips for making the best elearning simulations’ and ‘Why use collaborative authoring software?’. There is a wealth of knowledge to dig into, including expert interviews from the likes of Stella Collins.

5. The Spicy Learning Blog

Saffron Interactive’s blog is voted no.16 in the eLearning Feeds ‘Top eLearning Blogs’, the blog offers the chance for learning professionals to share their knowledge and expertise to the L&D community alongside the Saffron team. Published each week the blog covers everything from instructional design to blended learning.

6. eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild is a ‘community of practice for designers, developers, and managers of eLearning’. Although an American site it offers some great tips and insight into the latest e-learning developments.

7. Don’t waste your time

After both winning and being shortlisted for many awards, it would come as no surprise we’ve included David and his blog in our Top 10. ‘Don’t waste your time’ covers a range of topics across e-learning including higher education specific tools such as MOOCs, VLE and Blackboard, and is therefore aimed at learning professionals across a wide spectrum.

8. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Set up in 2000 the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies was founded by Jane Hart who created a website full of resources for learning professionals. Jane states that her blogs are about ‘modern workplace learning’, very relevant in this fast-paced environment.

9. The Rapid E-Learning Blog

The Rapid E-learning Blog is brilliant for those wanting to upskill with ‘E-Learning Resources & Examples for Success’ to help them on their way to becoming an e-learning wiz. Written by Tom Kuhlmann the blog also offers links to external learning resources.

10. The eLearning Coach

The eLearning Coach provides a wealth of resources to help you to understand online and mobile learning in order to help you design and develop professional learning experiences. The blog is written by American Instructional Designer, Connie Malamed an eLearning, information and visual designer.


This is in no way an extensive list and is just a small selection of the valuable digital learning blogs available to learning professionals. Have you come across some relevant and informative blogs or news websites? Let us know!