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As contract recruitment experts within the digital learning sector, the consultants at Instinct are able to provide talent solutions at all levels of seniority. We work closely with leading higher education institutions, universities, and companies across all industries, offering exclusive, rapid access to our trusted and vetted pool of active contractors.  

Whether you’re searching for one high-value individual or looking to build an entire team of curriculum design and course development professionals, the expert recruiters at Instinct will work in close partnership with your business to understand your immediate and anticipated requirements. This helps to ensure that you’re supplied with great contractors that enrich your digital learning teams. 

Our contract recruitment solutions for digital learning jobs are designed to make your life easier—enabling us to supply a shortlist of talent within a 24-hour service level agreement (SLA) and allowing us to get a contractor in place within 72 hours, depending on your requirements. 

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Common Questions

Instinct’s contract services enable you to address your urgent talent needs and skills gaps with the full support of our dedicated contract recruitment team. As a result, you’ll gain access to our extensive pool of eLearning and education talent and be provided with the compliance and administration support you need to ensure a successful placement for the contractor you hire.

Once you’ve contacted us, our expert consultants will agree to a timescale that benefits you before providing you with a shortlist of relevant contractors and arranging interviews with any staff you’re interested in hiring, empowering your digital learning and pedagogical strategies.

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When engaging with Instinct’s Contract team you will be contacted for a comprehensive conversation regarding your skills, experience and requirements.  Your Consultant will advise as to what current opportunities exist that may suit you and introduce you where appropriate.  If there are no vacancies that are of interest immediately then a detailed overview will be held (with your permission) and you will be contacted again when suitable positions arise.

Instinct only works within the digital learning market and therefore it is highly likely that we will have opportunities for you in the near future.

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Our Recruitment Process: How It Works

So, you’re looking to hire permanent staff. Whether it’s a single executive or an entire team as part of a project requiring more personnel, you’ve made the right choice by coming to Instinct—but how do we work? Our permanent recruitment services can be summed up in three simple steps: 

Once you’ve decided to place a call with Instinct or you’ve raised an enquiry via our website, one of the expert consultants on our permanent recruitment team will be in touch to discuss your talent needs, the timescales for filling your vacant roles, and any additional requirements you might have.

After providing you with a shortlist of vetted, trusted candidates from our extensive digital learning talent pool, the consultants at Instinct will work closely with both parties to arrange interviews, ensure all feedback is delivered in a timely manner, and address any questions you might have regarding a prospective hire.

We will then work closely with your business and the successful candidate to reach a mutually agreeable offer, ensuring that all matters of compliance are handled effectively and speedily. It doesn’t just stop once the candidate has joined your organisation; we provide ongoing support, ensuring that every placement is right.

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