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The Rise of eLearning for Health

The healthcare sector is one of many in the UK that has greatly accelerated its efforts towards Digital Learning education and there has been no greater fuel than the year of 2020 to do so. 

What is eLearning for health?


eLearning or Digital Learning for health refers to blended learning materials, created with the sole objective of training and educating health and care workers, enabling them to better provide high-quality care for patients. 

With a strain on resources and a high demand for new NHS Professionals, eLearning modules became a staple asset to train and educate both new and existing healthcare professionals. 

Despite the increase in demand, eLearning for health is nothing new. It’s been successfully utilised within healthcare and higher education institutes for training and education purposes for years, but we believe that it’s true potential is just now beginning to show.


Woman working on laptop, completing and eLearning Course


eLearning Providers


With healthcare and higher education institutes such as the NHS, Health Education England, Public Health England, and Royal Colleges continuing to back the development of eLearning, there has been no short supply of available courses. But who physically (or digitally) provides them?

The short answer: a lot of skilled eLearning Developers, from a lot of independent organisations or self-employed backgrounds (of whom Instinct supply). Sourcing from this pool of developers is necessary when the requirements for learning modules are rather specific and need a bespoke flair.

For more immediate access, there are resources such as Health Education England’s eLearning for Healthcare programme HEE e-LfH which acts as a comprehensive library, packed full of interactive and engaging eLearning content, accessible by subscription.


Higher Education England - eLearning for Health


Part of the Technology Enhanced Learning team (TEL) the eLearning for Health programme supports all levels of patient care, by developing and supplying top-tier eLearning resources to educate and train the health and care workforce. 

Currently, there are more than 400 eLearning programmes in the framework, with even more being developed due to such high demands. 

Over the last 14 years, HEE has accounted for over 50 million session launches - and 20 million of those launches have been in 2020 alone. 

Self-admittedly, they have stated that the significant increase can be partly attributed to their Coronavirus programme, facilitating the workforce in responding to the pandemic, NHS Track & Trace and vaccination programme. 

But regardless, this increase speaks volumes for the demand of digital learning for healthcare and with 40% of the entire eLfH usage coming in just one year, the programme is no doubt set for a busy 2021. 

You can read more about the impressive milestone here.


What does this mean for Digital Learning professionals?


Whilst everyone has suffered in their own way during this awful and unwelcomed pandemic, it has offered up a series of green lights to the Digital Learning world.

Earlier in the year, we found out that our network of Learning Professionals have been busier than ever and from the look of available work since then, nothing has changed. 

Whilst at first there were recruitment freezes, budget cuts and no small number of redundancies (as with any industry) the learning world has bounced back and appears to be flourishing once more.


Man working on laptop on eLearning Course


In particular, we have found that interim positions are the most sought-after roles for employers, delivering Instinct a 75% increase on interim and fixed-term positions compared to 2019. Not surprising, but still very interesting and hopeful for many Learning Professionals looking to make the transition into contracting.

An even more particular statistic is the most advertised roles from employers (via Instinct) throughout 2019, which were: 

  • Learning Technologists
  • Instructional Designers
  • eLearning Developers
  • VLE HelpDesk Support / Administration 

So it seems that anyone entering 2021 as a Digital Learning professional can take with them some optimism and data-driven hope.

We expect the demand for eLearning roles within healthcare to continue, so be sure to keep an eye on our live jobs, which you can find here.

If you’re in the market for Learning professionals, then you can drop us a message with your requirements and interests here.

Alternatively, feel free to give us a call on 0161 714 0600