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PM perfection: making your project management skills stand out

Many of the digital jobs we recruit for are project managers. Whether specialists in ecommerce, digital design or elearning, these super-organised professionals help ensure that businesses’ projects run on time, to cost and achieve their goals.

It’s a varied and exciting career path. But just because you haven’t chosen it doesn’t mean that project management skills and principles are irrelevant to you. In fact, we’re finding that more and more digital professionals, across a whole range of positions, are being asked to demonstrate their project management abilities as they rise in seniority.

Senior instructional designer? Lead digital developer? Head of ecommerce? All of these digital jobs involve working on projects from design through deployment to evaluation.

So, if you’ve never officially been a project manager, how can you tailor your CV to demonstrate these skills?

// Think logically. Successful projects are carefully planned, logically deployed and followed up with an evaluation to help inform future activity. Can you explain in your CV how you’ve followed such a process, perhaps when launching a new website or designing a new elearning course?

// Consider a qualification. Project management certifications such as PRINCE2 are recognised across multiple industries and can be a fantastic investment in your career. Many employers will pay for you to complete such a course as part of your individual training and development programme – and this can be a useful factor in choosing a future employer too.

// Discuss stakeholders. All projects deliver to a group of stakeholders, which may be very diverse. Mentioning how your project successfully achieved a set of varying outcomes will illustrate your ability to consider a range of aims and objectives.

// Have you been client-facing? Client communication is a critical element of any external-facing project, so if you have been in charge of keeping a client up-to-date with a project’s progression, make sure you highlight this in your CV.

If you’d like more guidance on tailoring your CV to demonstrate your project management abilities, email or call us on 0161 7140600.