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Managers Trust Instinct // October MOTM

Everyone seems to be getting the hang of this now! October has seen some impressive weekly and monthly scores in the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ league and in the actual Premier League, we’re shaping up for a very interesting season.

At the top, we have a three-way tie of Man City, Arsenal & Liverpool, the latter of which have arguably been the surprise package of the season so far. Whether they can sustain their title challenge remains to be seen, plus we all know what happened a few seasons ago when it ‘slipped’ away from them at the last moment. (Couldn’t resist)

At the other end of the table, Sunderland are still without a win and it is looking bleak for David Moyes. Maybe they should just swap places with Newcastle now and save everyone the time and effort? Joking aside, they are in serious trouble and Sam Allardyce is currently available- you do the maths.

Here is your updated cumulative ‘dream team’ for October;


Heaton (Burnley)- 50 pts


Koscielny (Arsenal)- 53

Walker (Spurs)- 51

Blind (Man Utd)- 46

Bellerin (Arsenal)- 45


Sanchez (Arsenal)- 70

Coutinho (Liverpool)- 64

Hazard (Chelsea)- 63

Walcott (Arsenal)- 58


Lukaku (Everton)- 67

Costa (Chelsea)- 64

We are starting to see the same players cropping up in these teams, making it quite difficult for anyone to make significant gains but there is still a long way to go!

In the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ league, the leader changed over multiple times during the month but after a stellar final game week of 100 points, Allan Little rode to victory with his team BrightonBicycleClub. Congratulations Allan, we’ll be in touch soon to arrange delivery of the monthly prize!

Until next month,

Your Chairman