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Instinct does it again!

Following on from the success from the Manchester Young Talent Awards, Instinct made their way down to London for the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards. 

 With Christian Sheil picking up the recruitment and talent award the week before; all eyes were on Andrew Welsh as he was nominated for Recruitment consultant of the year!

Andrew started his journey in recruitment 5 years ago, after completing a degree in History. This un-traditional background and his offbeat approach quickly saw him rise to the top of the E-learning ranks. Andrew now heads his own team leading at the forefront of the E-learning Recruitment sector

For the second week running, Instinct found itself, once again being blessed in the winner’s circle with Andrew winning his category in London last night! Director Matt Owns, says; “To witness him develop both as a consultant and leader has been inspirational to me and everyone in the business.  He is living proof that with a strong customer focus, a fierce determination to succeed and a dedication to meet the needs of a specialist marketplace you can achieve unprecedented levels of achievement.  This award is a fitting recognition”

The future is looking bright for Instinct as they plan for their Exhibition for learning technologies in February and if all goes to plan, Andrew will not the last award winning employee.