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Digital Learning Career Path – Zuber’s story

In a new series of blogs, we will be exploring how our candidates have entered the exciting world of digital learning. We love to hear the backgrounds of everyone we talk to, the career path they took to walk, run or parachute into their role.

As you know, our teams focus on permanent and contract recruitment within digital learning. Therefore, we asked both permanent professionals and contractors within our network to explain how they got into their jobs. We will be serialising these “candidate career journeys” in our upcoming blogs, accompanied with advice on finding your own way into digital learning.

Zuber’s Story

In this blog we will look at the creative and technical career of Zuber – a highly talented eLearning Developer.  Very well known to Instinct who has been both a client and candidate. Naturally, we fully understand his career progression and as you will see what a journey it has been!

The role

An eLearning Developer is required to perform a variety of tasks and has important responsibilities. In general, the role is to create, develop and maintain ideas and content for a variety of Learning Management systems. Depending on the level and team environment this could include overseeing all digital learning content to ensure a brilliant learner experience. In depth knowledge of learning technologies is essential, alongside excellent written and verbal skills which are a must for successful candidates.

The first steps

Zuber began working in people management, although not a role solely focused on digital learning it definitely provided some of the attributes required from a developer. Coaching, mentoring and training spurred his interest and passion in educating others. While scoping out potential opportunities, this appetite for educating others led to an avid interest in the world of digital learning and especially learning technologies.

Tools for the job

After finding his prospective career path the challenge was to secure a role with minimum experience in the area – this was hampered by a lack of work examples often required by companies. To combat this, Zuber chose to gain experience in voluntary and hourly paid work in Further Education and secondary schools. This exposed him to lesson planning, designing learning materials and in-class delivery which gave him an insight into the learner experience. Furthermore, the internet became a fountain of knowledge, YouTube and free trials of various eLearning tools became Zuber’s “best friends” when building up his skills and experience.

Securing the role

After obtaining relevant technical skills, Zuber successfully gained employment within the E-learning industry and hasn’t looked back since.  He has, in his own words, “grown from strength to strength ever since - continuing to research the latest in E-learning technologies, self-learn and experiment."

The Advice

This story highlights that people can come from a variety of backgrounds and eventually end up in the E-Learning industry. It’s evident that experience is essential, however there are a variety of ways to gain this. Being proactive and utilising free trials of tools can provide a way of upskilling and of course these can be found at the click of a button. A broad understanding of learning technologies is key, as is the use of authoring tools to create engaging material. Finally, having a strong appreciation of instructional design will kick start your career as an E-learning Developer.


If you are thinking about a new career in digital learning or simply want to update your work examples take a look at our blog on creating an E-learning portfolio.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Zuber who has given us an excellent insight into the E-learning Developer career path.

Lastly from us, if you need any support or advice when thinking about your own digital learning career, get in touch with the team at Instinct today!