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Our Understanding

Professionals are vetted, trusted and committed.

We are here to provide solutions to your staffing problems. It’s our job. That’s why we’ll listen to your requirements, advise accordingly and then resolve them.

Our portfolio of learning & technology contractors stretches right across the country. They have been vetted, are trusted, and are ready to roll.

Whether you are looking for a single individual, or an entire team - we’ll take care of the process to deliver great contractors who will make your project (and life) much easier.

We will look after everything for you, ensuring that all the compliance i’s are dotted, and the t’s are crossed. It’s all part of the service!

We look after:

  • Learning Design & Development

  • LMS Implementation & Admin

  • Learning Technology Management

  • Project & Programme Management

  • L&D Management

  • Training Design & Delivery

Our Network

Our dedicated contract team are by definition, specialists. Not only are they experts in sourcing the perfect interim personnel but are also experienced in the logistics and compliance that comes with hiring interim talent.

By being connected to a unique network of qualified, fully referenced professional contractors we are able to facilitate our client’s demands of an ever-changing workforce.

We understand that you may need personnel at the drop of a hat. Therefore, dependant on the nature of your requirement, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be to provide a shortlist of available talent with 24 hours, with contract in place within 72 hours.

We have always recruited contractors, we enjoy the pace, we love the challenge and ultimately, we are good at it...

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