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What does it mean to be a Learning Technologist?

E-learning is a hugely dynamic and exciting sector to work in. We have seen the industry evolve and with it so too have the roles which we recruit for. In this blog we look at the role of a Learning Technologist and what it involves.

There is a great variety of e-learning roles available, from the design of learning materials, to system support and strategic level positions. With numerous contract opportunities and permanent positions with varying levels of responsibility from administrative to managerial– it’s easy to get lost in all the choice!  

This year we produced our first Salary & Rate Guide - having always sought ways to support our clients, we wanted to use our industry expertise to help our clients understand market conditions not only for their own recruitment campaigns, but for retention of key staff. Instinct have both a permanent and contract staffing solutions team that offer consultancy across both the Commercial and Higher Education sectors, both of which are covered in the guide. Our guide prompted numerous discussions around job titles and what they mean to different organisations, the hot topic being ‘what is a Learning Technologist to you’.

So, just what does a Learning Technologist do?

We’ve also seen this question bouncing around the internet recently, along with feedback from our Rate & Salary Guide, we thought it was only right we explored this role further.

To put it simply, a Learning Technologist will help support and enhance an organisations learning resources including its learning platforms and e-learning materials. The role will usually involve collaborating with technical teams, Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts to support on the use and development of digital learning. Some more experienced Learning Technologists may also have the responsibility of researching and managing the implementation of the latest e-learning technologies whilst assisting with the e-learning strategy.

With the Learning Technologist title comes the involvement in the administration and technical support for Learning Platforms. This would largely involve supporting learners with the use of the platform, ensuring content is up to date and operating correctly. As mentioned a number of e-learning roles do overlap in terms of responsibilities. Some Learning Technologist roles require a more creative input such as basic learning design, working closely with Instructional Designers. However, there is a distinctive difference being that Learning Technologists are also required to maintain the authoring tools used to design the content. Which in comparison can sometimes mean that a Learning Technologist role can also be very autonomous due to its very technical nature. Demonstrating the difference that can be seen in the role – from a highly creative description to very technical responsibilities.

Essentially, it’s an incredibly varied role!

So, we put the question to you, what does a Learning Technologist look like to you? Do your Learning Technologists fit any of the above, or do you have a differing opinion? Perhaps you feel other roles can be equally as ambiguous? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, if you are embarking on a new recruitment campaign, or even conducting internal staff reviews and would like a copy of our guide - complete the qualifying form and we will send one straight to your inbox.