Lee Worswick

Senior Learning Consultant

In Work 

I work as Business Development Consultant, helping clients source candidates within the digital learning / L&D space. I enjoy taking briefs on specific positions, then working together with the Delivery Team to understand and identify the best available talent. I work mainly within the Automotive, Engineering, Energy and Emergency Service sectors.

Out of Work

Without wanting to sound like a typical recruiter I feel like I have the same hobbies and social life as most.. I love travelling, holidays abroad, nice bars / restaurants and football (unfortunately a Bolton fan)! Having been an Actor from the age of 6 to 22 I enjoy the social element that the role in recruitment gives. 

  • Favourite film - Coach Carter
  • Dinner party guest  Ricky Gervais
  • Favourite place Sydney, Australia
  • No. 1 Quote  Everybody dies, but not everybody lives..
  • Guilty Pleasure Motown Music