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"I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough"

I’ve used instinct for my past two roles and I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough. To them, you’re not just another number like other recruiters. Forming relationships is key to what they do to make the experience more personal.

Demi, a Talent Executive at Instinct has been brilliant throughout the whole of the process for both of the roles I went for and actually achieved. She understands my abilities and what I have to offer, giving me the advantage over other recruiters as the roles picked and that I’m interested in suite my skill set.

I wouldn’t turn to any other recruiters apart from instinct, simply because they take their time getting to know you personally and will always put you first and not their selves. 

Thomas Brinton - Candidate

"He maintained a professional relationship whilst adding that personal touch"

After being made redundant, I was very unsure on what my next steps should be. After talking with a few colleagues, their advice was to register with a recruitment agency, more specifically, one that specialises in my subject. Once registered with Instinct Resourcing, I was contacted by Luke, who helped me through not only finding a role suitable for my needs, but supporting me throughout.

Luke was fantastic. He built my profile asking all of the relevant questions, and caught up with me on a regular basis. He also offered some valuable insights to what recruiters are looking for, as well as some helpful interview tips. He maintained a professional relationship whilst adding that personal touch, which is something that unheard of in this industry.

I secured a role within 2 weeks of my redundancy, which wouldn't have been achieved without him.

I'd highly recommend Luke to anyone who is searching for their next step in their career, or looking for employment. 

Luke Briggs - Candidate

"She really gives each client her full and undivided attention in addressing their concerns"

Firstly, Katrina is extremely personable, friendly and approachable. I have no doubt she deals with dozens of clients on a daily basis, but she made it feel that I was her only client. Her telephone manner and listening skills are also impeccable, and you can see that she really gives each client her full and undivided attention in addressing their concerns. She was thorough in following up on the progress of my application and catching up with how I was feeling. Throughout the entire recruitment process, I had full faith that Katrina would take on board our discussions and trusted she would negotiate the best deal possible. I would highly recommend Katrina to anyone looking for a job in the e-learning recruitment industry, and I will again thank her personally for her great work in dealing with my application and recruitment.

Graham Leverton - Contractor