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We get right to the point, just like we get right to the jobs. It's our no-fuss approach that has kept clients and contractors coming back to us for years. And if you're already with us, scroll down to get timesheets, search for jobs, or just to let us know when you'll be available.

Our commitment

We Will:

  • Understand your background, preferences & your needs
  • Only introduce you to like-minded clients
  • Find you a new contract, as soon as you need one
  • Help you refresh your CV and / or portfolio
  • Share what we know about setting up a limited company
  • Provide feedback after CV submission and interview
  • Negotiate contract extensions whenever possible

We Won't:

  • Make promises about opportunities that don't exist
  • Send your details to clients without asking permission
  • Hassle you when you're busy or already on a job
  • Pass on your CV to every client we know
  • Leave you unprepared for interviews or meetings
  • Spam you with every job opportunity going
  • Ignore your phone calls or emails

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The love-hate relationship of timesheets eh? We understand. Just click below to download your timesheet or calendar. And even if you can't get it off your chest, at least it's off your desk. Don't worry, you'll feel better soon.

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This one's for all you contractors out there. New clients and new jobs are arriving all the time. Check them out here. And if one, or even two, take your fancy, get in touch and we'll tell you more.

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We don't mind one little bit if you give us a good prodding. If you're already out on contract, drop us a reminder here, and tell us what date you'll be finishing and when you'd like to start again.

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