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Winning against the odds

We’re an office of football fans – so there can only be one story on our lips this week. Fortunately there are no Spurs fans at Instinct Towers…but even if there were, we’d like to think that even they would be tipping their hats to Leicester City this week, after surely one of the greatest sporting underdogs stories ever.

And it’s got us thinking.

We may not all be capable of winning the Premier League at odds of 5000 to 1…but we are all capable of rising higher in the workplace than we might have thought possible.

Here’s how.


Sound a bit simplistic? Most workplaces these days are very switched on to the idea that they need to invest in their employees’ training to get the best out of them – they just may not have communicated this very well to you. If there’s a particular area that you’d like to learn more about, or a new skill you’d like to develop, don’t be afraid to ask if there’s budget available to send you on a course or purchase you the right tools.

The benefits are twofold – not only will you be taking great steps in your own personal development, you’ll also be positioning yourself as a truly proactive employee, who is keen to keep enhancing their skills and keep pushing harder. These are often the qualities that get considered during promotion season.


On a related point, you can learn masses without investing anything other than time and perhaps a coffee or two, by securing yourself a mentor in the sort of position you want to be in in five years’ time.

Mentors provide informal advice and support, helping you recognise the skills and experience you need to develop in order to build the career you want. They can also offer invaluable networking tips, and be a supportive listening ear if you’re struggling at work.

How to find one? Your own workplace is a good place to start – who do you admire, and want to emulate? Even if they are unable to or don’t feel comfortable potentially stepping on your line manager’s toes, they will probably be able to recommend somebody. Indeed, your line manager might have an idea themselves, or use it as a springboard to set up an official workplace mentoring scheme.

And don’t be shy. Mentoring is becoming increasingly common, especially in the dynamic digital industries that Instinct recruits for. Most people will be flattered to be asked – just make it clear that all you’re asking for is, say, a half hour coffee every other month or so.


A recruitment consultant who specialises in your industry should have fantastic knowledge with regards to the skill sets and experiences being asked for by hiring managers, the sort of salary you might expect to command in a year or five years’ time, and steps you need to take to make yourself attractive to your dream employer.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with contacting a recruiter for an informal chat before you’ve actually started looking for a new role – in fact, we actively recommend it!


There’s no point in pretending that Leicester City haven’t pulled off this incredible achievement without a massive amount of dedication, hard work and unrelenting focus. We can only imagine the drive and determination present at their training sessions over the last few months.

And that’s something that everyone can learn from. Rising to the top of your field – whichever industry you work in – relies on these three qualities above almost anything else. Are you prepared to push to the limits?

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