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Trend Watch – Information Security

Throughout the years, our consultants have seen the digital landscape change dramatically. And with it, so too has the world of recruiting. No more so than within the Transformation market.

As one of our key sectors we’ve noticed - not only a change in skill sets – but the roles we are now recruiting for. We have seen a major rise in the demand for information security specialists – the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) combined with high profile cyber-attacks have catalysed this market trend. We were therefore very interested in a recent article from Computer Weekly outlining the IT hiring trends of 2017.

In this blog, we discuss the industry trends that have effected the information security recruitment market.

The Market

The headlines have become bombarded with news of the latest cyber-attacks that are hitting organisations and countries across the world. Just this week a ransomware attack named “Petya” began in Ukraine and spread to large firms across Europe and the US. Earlier this year the NHS was hit by Wannacry - the malware that effected over 230,000 computers in 150 countries.


Due to the very nature of our job - the digital playground has not only effected the way in which we recruit - but the roles in which we recruit for.

Developments within the digital world have pushed the need for information security specialists to the forefront of business requirements. A hot topic has been IoT and the vulnerability of devices at risk of hacking. This has consequently seen a 21% increase in security focused jobs in line with the growth of IoT.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put forth to protect large amounts of personal data held by an organisation, and has consequently created a new role within the market, Data Protection Officer; responsible for managing data protection and the implementation GDPR compliance across the company. 

Skill Sets

For any role, it’s important to keep an eye out on the skill sets required as both candidate, and recruiter. Specialist roles have seen an overall skills shortage within the market - which is bad news for employers but great news for job seekers – especially if you fit the bill!

Salary brackets very much align to the qualifications and expertise the applicant has attained. Junior level administrators are expected to have gained a general IT, or specialist security degree. Moving up the ladder, more senior positions require professionals to have achieved industry-recognised awards, such as ISO 27001 and CIMSP. Staying up to date with the latest certifications influences salaries, job roles and personal competencies. 


Salaries have seen a noticeable increase across the market; CW Jobs reported that last month the average salary for Information Security jobs had rose by 8%, with the average salary in the market around £67,500. Making cyber security market very desirable to potential candidates, from IT graduates searching for their first specialist role, to Information Security guru’s looking for a new challenge in their career. It’s apparent that the Information Security market is taking off - and that can mean only one thing for the recruitment market – it’s set to boom.

As specialist consultants, we not only get to know our clients and candidates, but the market in which they work in. We couldn’t provide the exceptional service we do - if we didn’t!

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