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Should my CV show my Interests?

One of the most frequently asked questions by our candidates is whether personal interests and hobbies should be included in a CV. At Instinct, we believe that it is highly beneficial to describe your interests as it allows our clients to relate to you on a personal level.

Having a personal section on your CV helps potential employers see past the employment information and identify with you.   More so than your personal statement which, the majority of the time, is plucked from the thesaurus of buzz words attempted to pull the recruiter in; 90% of the time, however, this is overlooked by HR & recruitment out of habit.

As recruiters, knowing your personal interests and hobbies enables us to find you a job that not only will you be academically qualified for, but you will enjoy. After all, your career is one of the major events in your life along with getting married and buying your first house.  Therefore, at Instinct we work hard to ensure our clients and candidates are compatible and the job is suited for the individual.

Therefore, to answer the question, always voice your hobbies and interests to the recruiter. Whether it is rugby, golf, music or computer games, find a way of getting the keywords on your CV, you never know, it might help land you your dream job.

If you want some help with your CV or advice on applying for jobs within the digital sector, give Instinct a call on 0161 714 0600.