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Playing games: why we rate it

Gamification is a word our e-learning recruitment team is pretty familiar with. Playing games equals more fun, more effective learning, or so the thinking goes.

Adding to this, we’d like to suggest that playing games equals more effective working across the board.

Games in the Instinct office range from the obvious (a dartboard, mini-golf and table tennis set up for everyone to use, our annual Fantasy Football tournament, regular sporting sweepstakes) to the not so obvious (a giant dice used to select the maker of the next round of brews.


But most importantly of all, the working week of every digital recruitment consultant in our office is structured around a points-scoring framework.

Meeting any sort of business target, whether it’s a particular sales figure, sign-off on a project or simply keeping operations running smoothly requires activity from its workforce. We’ve invested in a software package that tracks those core activities, converting them into real-time, easy-to-understand dashboards and graphs.

And that means that at the end of each week, rather than sitting through a dry session ticking off to-do lists, we can scroll through a set of colourful charts, quickly identifying which team has done well – and which team has done even better.


// It simplifies the tracking of business inputs and outputs. Our most junior consultants can quickly grasp how the activity they complete during a week translates to key achievements.

// It maintains an atmosphere of competitiveness – but without the harshness associated with old-fashioned sales offices. It’s light-hearted and playful – with solid business facts and figures underneath.

// It allows us to fairly and easily offer incentives for high productivity – from early finishes to bottles of bubbly.

// It keeps us focusing on our core values of quality, delivery – and fun. We want our consultants to enjoy working for Instinct – and our clients and candidates to enjoy working with us.

The great thing is that these principles can be applied to almost any business. Whatever shape your employees’ days take, gamification can be a way of making work more like play – which normally ends up being good for everyone.

We’d love to know what your take is on gamification. How, and why, do you use it? Or is it something you’d like to learn more about? Get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin – or give our consultants a call on 0161 714 0600.