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Managers Trust Instinct: April’s MOTM announced

Good Morning fellow FPL managers.

Well well well, what a month we’ve had! The weather has finally begun to turn, Leicester City are champions of England and Jamie Vardy has finally had his party! Who could’ve predicted this 9 months ago? Well one lucky punter who is now £100,000 better off, but I’m fairly sure the majority of us are still a little shocked that a team who were on the brink of relegation this time last year now reign proud at the top of the Premier League.

Whilst the Premier League title may be wrapped up with a couple of game weeks to go, there’s still a lot to play for in the Managers Trust Instinct Fantasy Football League. Tekkers FC have had another good month at the top of the table increasing their lead from 27 points to a nice 49 point cushion, however after an impressive game week 36 from Dynamo Fookdarest there may yet still be an upset at the top of the table. Our Manager of the Month title goes Rick Walker and Cross Shaws FC who had a very strong month, racking up 389 points and pushing them up to 9th. Well done Rick, your prize is in the post.

The month began with yet another strong performance by Harry Kane, racking up 13 points and keeping Spurs’ hope of taking top spot from Leicester alive. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good a start to the month for Instinct’s own Joe Bradley and Bayer Neverlusen who only managed to put together a dismal 36 points.

Game week 34 saw a double game week for multiple teams, giving hope to those at the top of the Managers Trust Instinct League of catching Tekkers FC. Unfortunately both Luke Alexander and Joel Noden failed to capitalise on this golden opportunity and are surely now only fighting for 3rd place.

Down at the bottom of the league it’s been a depressing month for Moore Two Four, What’s The Blatter and Willy Wilsons FC, who all look certain to be relegated as they chase Thomas Young and Sub-standard Milan – coincidently also holding a 49 point cushion.

With only two games left to play can Lee Hardy make on final assault or will Tekkers FC manage to hold on to their top spot? Outside of the top place there is still lots to play for, particularly bragging rights amongst your colleagues so make sure you have a strong finish to a truly shocking season.

As always, best of luck for the upcoming month