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Managers Trust Instinct // September MOTM

With month two over, the Premier League table is finally beginning to take shape. As many predicted, the Guardiola revolution is well and truly underway at City and they are the team to beat after six wins out of six so far. Spurs & Arsenal have also recovered after unspectacular starts and had strong months, along with Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool; who are now 2nd favourites with the bookmakers to win the league. No comment.

At the other end of the table, it’s looking like it’s going to be a long season for Sunderland who must be wishing it was still pre-season and Big Sam was at the helm. Who knows, after news reports this week, their wish may be granted!

Anyway, on to the players. Remarkably, even after missing a couple of league games with suspension, Sergio Aguero has the most points out of the strikers and his City Teammates De Bruyne and Sterling have also scored well. Dream team regulars Sanchez & Coutinho also make their returns. Capoue is the surprise package so far this season with 46 points- kudos to those who had him from day one.

Here is your updated ‘dream team’ for September;


Heaton (Burnley)- 28 pts


Walker (Spurs)- 34

Blind (Man Utd)- 28

Smith (Bournemouth)- 27


De Bruyne (Man City)- 49

Capoue (Watford)- 46

Sanchez (Arsenal)- 46

Sterling (Man City)- 44

Countinho (Liverpool)- 41


Aguero (Man City)- 37

Defoe (Sunderland)- 36

In the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ league, it’s been the usual suspects making up the top 20. Our very own Andrew Welsh and Luke Alexander are in the mix, along with Instinct fantasy football veterans such as Mark Livesey & Marcus Hawkins. Also well done to Lyndsey Callion who had a great month and was just 3 points behind our September winner- this month’s Manager of the Month- Sam Turnock. His team ‘Loko’ have stormed to the top of not just the September league, but the overall league- congratulations! We’ll be in touch with you this week. (Spoiler alert- prize involved)

Until next month,

Your Chairman