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Managers Trust Instinct // March MOTM

It really is crunch time in the Premier League as we enter April- the fight to stay in the League is as fierce as ever, with most of the bottom six having gambled on new Managers.

At the other end of the table, have we started to see a wobble from Chelsea?

Hot on their heels are Spurs who have won their last 4 games in a row coming into the mid-week fixtures; along with Liverpool and Manchester City who have both seen a resurgence in their form, but is it too little, too late?

This means that the most interesting action for the remainder of the season will likely be around the European places, with anyone from Spurs down to Everton being in with a shout. Also, special mention to the Instinct Office’s most supported team Manchester United, who have managed to achieve the remarkable feat of being unbeaten in 20 PL games but still only 5th in the Table- unique achievement there guys, really impressive…

As for the Fantasy Football stakes, April will be the busiest month of the season with a massive six game-weeks to contend with. This means that every point will matter so choose your teams carefully. Here is a run-down of the in-form XI from GW 31;


Valdes (Middlesbrough)- 10 pts


Britos (Watford)- 15 pts

Simpson (Leicester)- 15 pts

Mustafi (Arsenal)- 12 pts

Cathcart (Watford)- 11 pts

Ranocchia (Hull)- 11 pts


Coutinho (Liverpool)- 13 pts

Dier (Spurs)- 11 pts

Zaha (Crystal Palace)- 11 pts

Ndidi (Leicester)- 10 pts


Benteke (Crystal Palace)- 10 pts

In the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ league in March, we have our first repeat winner of the season in Sam Turnock- well done Sam, another prize on its way! Sam is also leading the overall table with only two months left to play so extra kudos there.

Until next month,

Your Chairman