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Managers Trust Instinct // February MOTM

Amazingly, we now have only three months left of the 2016/17 season.

Chelsea aside, it is shaping up to be a very exciting end to the season. The top 4 is anyone’s guess now, with teams dipping in and out of form and European fixtures causing fixture congestion. However, with the league leaders 10 points clear, it is unlikely that anyone will catch them with 12 games to go, but stranger things have happened.

Speaking of stranger things happening, Leicester’s fairy-tale story from last season is well and truly over following the brutal sacking of Claudio Ranieri. Although the Leicester players appear to have miraculously found their form again, following a comfortable win over top 4 hopefuls Liverpool. Will we now see an influx of Leicester players into Fantasy Football teams?

For Fantasy Football Managers, anyone with Costa, Kane or Lukaku as captain will have had a stellar month in February, along with the usual suspects Hazard, Alli & Sanchez also scoring highly. However, the key at this stage of the season is being able to select the players who are consistent point-scorers, but haven’t saturated the market by being in everyone’s team!

As the cumulative dream team was becoming a bit boring, here is your week 26 dream team, for those wanting an update on some in-form ‘diamonds in the rough’;


Hennessey (Crystal Palace)- 9 pts


Van Aanholt (Crystal Palace)- 15 pts

Coleman (Everton)- 12 pts

McAuley (West Brom)- 10 pts


Fabregas (Chelsea)- 13 pts

Pedro (Chelsea)- 12 pts

Eriksen (Spurs)- 11 pts

Gueye (Everton)- 10 pts

Huddlestone (Hull)- 9 pts


Kane (Spurs)- 20 pts

Vardy (Leicester)- 13 pts

In the Managers Trust Instinct league, we keep seeing the same people hovering near the top of the league, but I’m pleased to say we have another new winner this month in Matthew Womack-Evans. In the end, only 2 points separated the top three, which goes to show how important it is to stay on top of your team selection. Well done Matthew- we’ll be in touch about your winner’s prize!

Until next month,

Your Chairman