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Managers Trust Instinct // August Winners

One month down already! Yes, we are now three games into the season and the panic has well and truly set in as we approach Transfer Deadline Day (which now warrants capital letters apparently), and it isn’t just the Arsene Wengers and Alan Pardews of this world that are looking to bring in new faces, as the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ members look to capitalise on new signings so watch this space…

Anyway, back to the actual Premier League and it seems that normal service has been resumed, with Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea topping the table with three wins out of three. We’ve also seen unexpectedly good starts from Everton, Hull City & Middlesbrough, while Arsenal, Spurs, Leicester and Liverpool have been too inconsistent so far.

At the other end of the table, it’s been a nightmare start for Stoke, Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Watford and Bournemouth- but at least everyone is off the mark, points-wise!

As for the players, here is your ‘dream team’ for August;


Fabianski (Swansea)- 19 pts


McAuley (WBA)- 20

Shaw (Utd)- 19

Valencia (Utd)- 17

Blind (Utd)- 17


Hazard (Chelsea)- 25

Sterling (Man City)- 24

Sanchez (Arsenal)- 21

Capoue (Watford)- 21


Ibrahimovic (Utd)- 24

Aguero (Man City)- 24


In the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ league, we’ve seen some contrasting performances and after a very strong start, our very own Luke Alexander leads the way with an impressive 196 points. Internally, we’ll make sure Luke is rewarded for his performance (think extra 15 minutes to his lunch break, or choice of radio station for one hour etc.). But in the spirit of fairness, this month’s external prize goes to William Brown and his team, Willwall (we see what you did there Will!)- we’ll be in touch with you soon to arrange delivery!

Until next month,

Your Chairman