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Managers Trust Instinct // August MOTM

The Premier League is finally back in full swing with more goals, shock results, crazy transfers and drink-driving footballers than ever before!

Unfortunately, after getting all excited, we were hit with an international break at the worst possible time - this needs to change FIFA/UEFA!

So far in the Premier League, we’ve seen promising starts from Liverpool, West Brom and surprisingly Huddersfield, who looked at home in the top tier of English football. There may also be the first ever Premier League club with a dog on their club crest. Bonus point for anyone who can think of any others…

Of course, we couldn’t finish this blog without mentioning the red half of Manchester, who have, and I quote; ‘’now decided to turn our focus towards the Champions League, with the Premier League already in the bag after three games’’ – Every Manchester United Fan.

In terms of players, United do feature heavily in August’s dream team, with ‘Pogkaku’ destined to be dream team regulars. As do Liverpool’s front three; which begs the question, should Salah & Mane be considered as forwards rather than midfielders?

Speaking of which, below is your ‘dream team’ for August. We’ve decided to revert to a 3-4-3 system this season as apparently that’s the new 4-4-2 (it’ll never last).



Lossl (Huddersfield) – 23 pts


Bailly (Man Utd) – 26 pts

Hegazi (West Brom) – 25 pts

Nyom (West Brom)- 23 pts


Pogba (Man Utd)- 26 pts

Mkhitaryan (Man Utd) – 26 pts

Salah (Liverpool)- 23 pts

Mane (Liverpool)- 23 pts


Firmino (Liverpool)- 26 pts

Morata (Chelsea)- 24 pts

Lukaku (Man Utd)- 19 pts


In the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ league, we have a new winner for the new season in Keith Tottingham and his Ktotti FC. Keith’s winning score of 202 points across three game-weeks suggests that there is some improvement to be made across the League as we move into month 2. Nevertheless, well done Keith - we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery of your prize!

Until next month,

Your Chairman