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Learning Technologies Exhibition

Fewer people enjoy the Learning Technologies Exhibition more than us, so even though this year’s event has been pushed back to May, there’s a palpable sense of excitement in the Instinct office.  More than that, it feels like a watershed moment; we’re finally being allowed, even encouraged back into face-to-face networking!

We’ve all waited so long for this…

It all feels like a long stretch from February 2020 when the Learning Industry last convened; how many of us knew what lay in wait in only a matter of weeks!  No, the return of the Learning Techs should be celebrated, another milestone on the return to normality, and perhaps the voices that complain ‘not much changes at the Exhibition each year’ will finally be silenced.

This then is a poignant time to reflect on Instinct’s own experience with the Learning Technologies over the decade.

This year, six of the Instinct team, (along with a couple of newbies) will be present across the two days on Stand L01, but it wasn’t always thus; earlier incarnations of Instinct’s presence saw a couple of us old-timers sharing twin hotel rooms before roaming the exhibition floor without a Stand to call home.

Our fortunes over the past decade have very much matched that of the LT Event and in turn the industry as a whole.  We would remark how the event felt bigger year or year until the more recent big move from Olympia to the new home at ExCel served to illustrate this.  Instinct accordingly had to up the stakes; the £29 Fisher Price Golf Putting Green which so adequately drew the crowds in the early days would need to be replaced. Bigger and better attractions would need to be found.  As they say, ‘if you stand still, you go backwards.’

We have since come to the realisation that for us, the Learning Tech’s are a little different.  Unlike most of the Exhibitors, we’re not there to sell Platforms, Software or Authoring tools, we’re largely just there to say ‘hello’ to the army of Digital Learning professionals who have used our services over the years, either to find a job or hire someone.  That’s probably why we find it so enjoyable – the only question is whether we greet you with a hand shake or a fist bump?