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Learning Technologies 2016: The Debrief

Our e-learning recruitment team has just got back from two days at Learning Technologies – and we think it’s safe to say that it was the best event yet!

Learning Technologies calls itself ‘Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work.’

A pretty perfect fit for Instinct E-learning, then.

Our stand – and the event – had a fantastic buzz over the two days, and were busy from morning to night.

We were delighted to be joined by the super-talented Luisa Calvo, who created an incredible series of digital caricatures for us over the two days, and by Ant Pugh, one of our contractors, who ran a talk on the Thursday on how to implement elearning in an organisation for the first time.

Luisa produced an incredible selection of caricatures over the two days – check out this album on our Facebook page.


Here are our takeaways…


is undoubtedly the buzzword of the moment. Everyone was talking about it, and half of the speeches and seminars seemed to be structured around it. But it was interesting to note a real range of opinions. Some of the people who visited our stand think that gamification is unequivocally fantastic, a game-changer and something all e-learning professionals need to get behind. Others were more sceptical, querying whether games really have their place in more serious arenas. One thing’s for sure – e-learning jobseekers over the coming months will have to make sure they’re up-to-speed with industry blogs and discussions, if not actually gaining concrete gamification experience.

It’s worth underlining that, in such a new marketplace, very few clients are demanding specific gamification skills. It’s more about an understanding of how games work – how to incorporate scoring or different levels into a particular e-learning course, perhaps. And it’s also about creativity – thinking of new, game-focused ways to structure existing e-learning products.


is fantastic. We always meet as many of our clients and candidates as we can, but especially when dealing with fast-paced contract recruitment, it’s simply not always possible. So we loved, as always, getting to meet our client and candidates face-to-face – as well as some brand new ones. We met a number of e-learning jobseekers who don’t have active or updated social media presences and therefore sit outside of traditional online recruitment networks. It’s thanks to events like this that our e-learning database is so uniquely strong.


We loved seeing Charles Jennings, the creator of the 70-20-10 approach to learning – as well as his life-size cardboard cutout. E-learning is an industry of real innovators and boundary-pushers, and that’s reflected in the truly cult hero status attached to some of its biggest stars. We couldn’t help but get excited…


are a trend. Anyone else notice a lot of capes around? Our prize for the most creative stand has to go to Accredited Skills, with their cordoned-off ‘boring e-learning’ space opposite a smart ‘let’s save the world the world from boring!’ area, complete with costumed-up superheroes.

Were you at Learning Technologies? Did you pop along for a caricature? What were your favourite events, stands and costumes? And just what do you make of gamification?

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