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Is it time to drop the ā€œeā€?

I recently read a post regarding ecommerce (the actual word and how it should be written).  The post gave numerous different options including Ecommerce, E-commerce, e-commerce, E commerce and so on.  The theme was how best to label the term selling online.

The common denominator to the options was they all started with the letter “e”.  It is a topic that we have been discussing for a while or more accurately the word it represents – digital (or maybe electronic going back to its origins!). 

Digital is implied

Do we need to use the word digital, specifically (for our industry) when it comes to describing job roles?  Is it not implied in 2017 that digital is a given?  I am thinking about jobs such as digital marketing, digital transformation, digital development – is it not marketing, transformation and development?

Many of our clients, by the very nature of their businesses will provide us with comprehensive job descriptions and not mention the word digital.  However, if we were to submit candidates who had no experience with online, mobile, cloud, IoT etc then we won’t have hit the brief……digital is fundamental to the extent that it doesn’t need stating.

There are exceptions

One exception is email (hopefully everyone writes it this way!).  However, if you were speaking to a customer or associate and said, “I will follow up our conversation with a mail”.  Would the other person expect a hand written note delivered within the next 48 hours? 

I am going to put myself out there and say the assumption is that an email will be sent.  So why has the “e” kept its place?  The only answer I can come up with is that it was one of the first “e’s” so may have a right to remain…

The “e” at Instinct…

At Instinct, we have 4 divisions (check us out if you are interested) where this is very pertinent.  The one that stands out for me is E-learning and the fact that we have not been brave enough to lose the “e”.  I would love to hear from our learning community to see what their thoughts are and comments on whether we should hit the delete button.

So, should it stay or go?

The notable exception to the original question was “commerce”.  Would this be an accurate enough description (online aspect implied)?  Are we there as a marketplace?  Will we ever be? 

I would be very keen to hear your thoughts.  Especially, if you are braver than us and have actually dropped the “e”.