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Engaging the modern workforce

Millennials. The ambitious and curious 20-30 somethings that are soon set to take over the workplace. At Instinct a large number of our workforce fall into the Generation Y category.  

With this forecast, it’s more important than ever to learn how they may impact the working environment. Having the advantage of not only being a millennial but also the opportunity to speak to colleagues, candidates and clients of this generation every day, I have gained an understanding of how to both engage and attract candidates during the recruitment process and beyond.


Growing up surrounded by technology, millennials are a tech-savvy bunch - constantly embracing the latest developments. We wouldn’t suggest updating all your technology, but just to bare that in mind when taking on millennials, ensuring you provide them with the right tools for the job.

Social media is king. Whether interacting with relevant topics, chatting with colleagues, reading the latest industry updates. Consider using social media to attract potential employees, most importantly ensure you have a social presence, and that you regularly update your channels – it’s a brilliant way to present your company culture!

Collaboration is key

Millennials prefer a collaborative environment. Don’t get us wrong – we still strive to be the best we can be personally – we just also enjoy working alongside others to achieve this. Therefore, team working projects that give employees the opportunity to collaborate with each other can be really beneficial

An ambitious bunch

Those born between 1980s to 2000s tend to see themselves climbing up the corporate ladder fairly quickly. Clearly defining how junior staff can progress through the company should be an important part of your recruitment process and future reviews – it could be a brilliant motivational tool.  

However, it isn’t just about moving through the company, it’s also about making an impact on the business we work for. Feeling like you can make a valuable contribution to an organisation from the start is a big clincher in order to attract millennials into your organisation and to keep them engaged throughout.


Millennials thrive on the ability to switch between tasks – keeping their work fresh and fun. Time pressures usually mean they want the flexibility to work at different times and locations – we understand that this isn’t always feasible however it could be an important consideration for your organisation.

Learning zone

As mentioned previously there is an ambitious quality to millennials, therefore a company that is able to provide training and mentoring that can work towards our development is a massive tick on our list.

But wait, are we right?

The topic of Millennials brings up a number of interesting questions. We’ve come to the end of this blog and have ultimately not asked the question that we have heard bouncing around our social media channels and in our own office – should we call millennials, millennials? Ultimately the term has been deemed both negatively and positively. Being a little bias, I’ve painted us in a great light, however like any generation we don’t all fit in to the same description.

From my personal experience and from what I have learnt from my peers, it would seem that creating a collaborative environment that gives employees the opportunity to learn is important to attract this inquisitive bunch. A company whose values and mission point towards developing their employees is essential to retaining the generation within the workplace.

What do you think?

What should we be calling Millennials? Have you found a way of engaging and attracting this generation? Let us know, it would be great to hear from you!