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End of October Blog // Managers Trust Instinct

The Premier League really was back in full swing in October with a host of big moments, drama, crazy haircuts, crazier penalties and management fallouts – and that’s just Paul Pogba’s month for you!

The soap opera at Old Trafford continued to dominate the Premier League news both on and off the pitch. After a few dramatic games, Manchester United sit in 8th place but only 9 points off the top with a long, long way to go. Manchester City and Liverpool both continued their excellent starts to the season and both are looking like they’ll go the distance, along with Chelsea who have improved massively under new manager Sarri.

At the other end of the table, Huddersfield and Newcastle are still without wins but are only a ‘decent run of form’ away from mid-table. It will probably be another few months before we get to see which clubs are properly doomed…

In the players’ stakes, there has been quite a change, so here is your ‘dream team’ for the season so far;


Ederson (Man City) – 57 pts


Alonso (Chelsea) – 72 pts

Robertson (Liverpool) – 57 pts

Trippier (Spurs) – 54 pts

Laporte (Man City) – 54 pts


Hazard (Chelsea) – 75 pts

Salah (Liverpool) – 65 pts

Mane (Liverpool)- 63 pts

Fraser (Bournemouth) – 62 pts


Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 63 pts

Wilson (Bournemouth) – 63 pts

In the ‘Managers Trust Instinct’ league, we have another new winner – congratulations to James McHugh! His team, ‘Lads on Toure’, finished the month strongly with a haul of 80 points. His decision to hand Mo Salah the captain’s armband ahead of Liverpool’s game with Cardiff clearly paid dividends! We’ll be in touch to arrange your prize soon James.

Until next month…