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Digital Learning Career Path - Alal's story

In the last blog of the series we yet again delve into our network and their road into eLearning.

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve learnt how much diversity there is within the digital learning sector, and the variety of routes you can take to become a successful learning professional.

We take a slightly different look in this blog as we see what it’s like when you come to a bump in the road and begin a job search. We explore the job searching experience and the attributes required to secure a new opportunity.

Alal’s Story

With vast experience across a number of learning disciplines Alal has become a successful eLearning Developer working on a multitude of projects. Alal got in touch with Instinct when he began his search for an exciting new opportunity.


Alal’s educational background was not eLearning specific but instead centred around IT with a strong focus on engineering and business. eLearning was on the horizon but hadn’t quite gained adoption within learning departments when Alal was completing his course.

First Taste

Alal’s first job was in Customer Service, which unexpectedly gave him his first taste of online learning. He acted as first line support when online modules were rolled out to students.  Alal provided technical support by setting up student accounts and gave them the relevant permissions to access certain modules.

Up the ladder

Alal developed the skills and knowledge to progress his career. In a new technical role, Alal liaised with developers and SMEs (subject matter experts) to ensure modules were developed in line with schedules. This gave him expose to eLearning development where he created online courses and uploaded them to various VLE’s (Virtual Learning Environments).

Further progression meant that Alal was responsible for the development and co-ordination of online courses. He became an expert user of LMS’s (Learning Management Systems) as well as administrating user access to the courses. Alal became the archetypal “eLearning all-rounder” as he took on requirements for training and marketing videos.

Alal has been searching for suitable roles to match his experience and skillset. Despite his extensive experience and enviable range of skills, he is as a self-proclaimed ‘jack of all trades’ - which has created a slight stumbling block who he is soon to overcome in a new role.

The Advice

Searching for a new opportunity can be both an exciting and daunting task - creating a portfolio, applying for jobs and securing a first interview. As is evidenced by Alal's extensive experience a wide skill set can present a variety of opportunities. However, it can also preclude someone from specialised positions that require extensive experience in a certain area. Our advice is to present your strengths and show a desire to upskill in areas of potential weakness. There are also numerous opportunities where an allrounder is exactly what is required – some companies just don’t know it yet! Just stay positive, meticulously prepare for all interviews and the job offers will follow.

We really enjoyed hearing Alal’s story and would like to thank him for contributing to our series. It’s been great to learn more about the different perspectives from our trusted network and we hope that you can find some nuggets of information from them.  

If you would like to share your story with us, please drop our Marketing Executive, Hannah Brindle, an email on