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Digital Learning Career Path – Tom’s story

With each interview we gain a greater insight into our industry, our network and the opportunities available to those wanting to enter and progress within it.

In this blog we explore the relatively new route of gaining relevant educational qualifications in digital learning and how this impacts your first step on to the industry ladder. With so many options it’s interesting to see how this particular career story develops.

Tom’s Story

Tom was fairly new to eLearning when our paths crossed. What stood out about him was his constant drive to expand his skillset and knowledge. It was this drive and passion for the industry that has set him on the right track to becoming a successful Learning Technologist.

Meant to be?

Having studied for an Extended Diploma in Creative Media Productions (Games Development) at South Essex College, little did Tom know that this would pave the way into his eLearning career.  In a twist of fate, while on the hunt for employment, Tom’s former tutor (Andy Crissell) contacted him to discuss an opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship in Learning Technology.

Laying the foundations

The apprenticeship with South Essex College would see Tom become one of the few in the UK with a Level 4 HNC in Digital Learning Design. Due to the infancy of the course Tom along with his fellow peers were able to select some of the modules, laying the foundations for future digital learning apprentices. Upon successful completion of the course Tom was equipped with a complete understanding of the technical and soft skills required to embark on a career as a Learning Technologist.

Perfect Match

Around this time, Tom was contacted by Instinct’s Talent Executive, Demi, who presented an opportunity that would allow him to utilise his education. The role was for an LMS Coordinator at the Global Law Firm, Clyde & Co. Demi supported Tom through a two-stage interview where his skill set and attitude surpassed the hiring managers expectations. He was subsequently offered the role.  

Although only in the early stages of his career Tom commented that “A year and three months down the line and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve learnt more than I could have ever imagined working at Clyde & Co.”. 

Ready to take it to the next level

Tom offered some valuable but simple advice to ‘never stop learning’. With an abundance of free online courses and resources there are so many ways to expand your knowledge. Tom suggested to those new to the industry to tap into free online sessions as well as take advantage of downloadable eBooks such as: Free E-books to get started, OpenLearn and FutureLearn.

If you want to specifically enter the games industry Tom suggests taking courses or apprenticeships similar to his as it can help you stand out from the crowd – “You may not be creating the next record breaking game, but you’ll be using those skill sets to create seriously engaging eLearning packages!”

The Advice

As discussed in our previous blogs it is evident that a mixture of experience and professional development is a potent combination. If you are looking to forge a career as a Learning Technologist, you need to acquire knowledge of authoring tools and strong understanding of Learning Management Systems. However, as is highlighted by Tom’s entry into the digital learning market you need the ability to learn. Whatever point in your career there is always room to increase your knowledge. Make sure you are utilising the courses and resources available to you - it’s a nonstop learning process!

We’d like to thank Tom for sharing his story and providing valuable advice to those wanting to start their digital learning journey.

As always, if you would like to speak to one of our consultants about your career and where you would like to take it, get in contact with the team today!