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Case Study: Learning Design Solutions

Expanding recruitment reach to source multiple eLearning professionals

How Instinct provides collaborative recruitment strategies to connect businesses to eLearning talent

Learning Design Solutions was founded by Andrew Doig in collaboration with a group of experts to provide guidance and advice for educators looking to support their students with more effective online learning provision, remove teachers’ frustrations with online mediums, and enthuse for this dynamic, exciting, and fulfilling way of teaching and learning.

The Challenge

Amidst increased demand for support in facilitating distance, blended and hybrid learning courses, Andrew was looking for multiple learning designers to scale up his team to maintain Learning Design Solutions’ high level of service and support.

Andrew’s own professional network was limited, and he wanted a recruitment partner to extend his business’ candidate outreach to connect with a wider pool of learning design talent. Through LinkedIn and word of mouth, Andrew was recommended four potential recruitment agencies to work with and found Instinct to be the most consistent.

The Solution

At Instinct, we have been sourcing learning and technology talent for over a decade and have developed a network that allows us to fill any digital learning position quickly and effectively. Our collaborative approach gave Andrew the ability to communicate his requirements to us and allow Instinct to take over the hard work of sourcing candidates and filtering unsuitable candidates.

The Outcome

Our specialist expertise in the digital learning sector coupled with our effective recruitment methodologies meant we were able to provide Andrew with multiple learning design specialists that met his increased business needs and added value to his current teams.

As a result, every position was filled by candidates put forward by Instinct.

“Instinct was the most effective in getting staff. They would bring forward a range of applicants and had a great reach into the market. There were always multiple people to choose from.

In the end, everyone I recruited came from Instinct.

Instinct clearly listens to both client and the provider needs and understands the brief well.”

Andrew Doig, Lead Education Consultant

At Instinct, we have over a decade of experience sourcing learning and technology talent and have developed an exceptional candidate network that allows us to fulfil any digital learning position, both permanent and temporary, quickly, and effectively. 

We listen to your requirements, offer advice tailored to you, and resolve your recruitment needs to provide a shortlist of available talent that fits your technical requirements, matches your company culture, and adds value to your business.

If you are looking to hire for a digital learning position, contact us to discuss your needs with an Instinct specialist.