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Case Study: Digital Learning Designers

Plugging a huge resource gap amidst increased business demand – fast!

How Instinct sourced an entire Digital Learning Design team integral to successful project delivery.

In the space of a few weeks, an organisation lost their entire Digital Learning Design team. To make matters worse, the volume of requests from the business had increased and their Design Manager was going on maternity, leaving them with a significant resource gap.

That’s when Instinct stepped in. Having successfully worked with us in the past, this business was confident with our ability to consistently deliver high-quality candidates within the given timeframe.

The challenge

The business had high standards with what they were looking for, but their expectations weren’t being met by their internal recruitment team. Advertising through traditional job boards meant they kept experiencing:

  • A disconnect between internal recruitment team and talent expectations 
  • Unsuccessful job ads
  • Low-quality applicants
  • Time lost screening 100s of CVs

They needed a recruitment partner they could trust and that would ensure they got the right people on board. This business didn’t want to make the same mistakes again and hire candidates that weren’t in it for the long run as it was negatively impacting their bottom-line, culture, and employer brand.

The solution

After analysing the brief, Instinct advised that the business was much more likely to attract high-calibre candidates by offering a permanent role, not a fixed-term contract. We also suggested moving away from job board advertising to narrow their talent pool, ensuring that their resourcing efforts prioritised quality over quantity.

The outcome

Knowing how important these hires were, we kept an open line of communication throughout the entire process to ensure the business felt involved and in control. This also meant we could truly understand their needs and effectively filter CVs to provide a shortlist of candidates of the highest calibre.

After several successful hires, the new Digital Learning Design team has received glowing feedback from stakeholders who were impressed with their output quality. The business has now built their internal capability through Instinct, saving them a significant amount of time and money.

How Instinct can find you the Digital Learning talent you need

When you partner with Instinct, you gain instant access to our comprehensive, yet intimate network of professionals. Whether you are looking for a single individual or an entire team - we’ll take care of the process to deliver great Digital Learning talent to suit your needs.

Get in touch below to find out how you can scale your teams for success.