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Case Study: CIPFA

Solving urgent learning capacity issues at speed without compromising on quality

How Instinct sources learning management system experts for a UK-based international accountancy body – quickly!

A UK-based international accountancy body dedicated to public financial management, with 14,000 members and over 3,000 students, needed to source learning management systems (LMS) specialists to address an urgent capacity issue that threatened their qualification and training provision.

The Challenge

The client required two LMS experts quickly to ensure they were able to continue to supply their accredited training programmes and learning materials. Their current capacity was insufficient to maintain their in-person and online education provision without these two critical hires. They required a recruiting partner who had an established network of candidates and could provide straightforward and to-the-point candidate summaries to facilitate fast candidate selection without compromising on quality.

The Solution

Instinct’s bespoke recruitment approach allowed us to cut through the bureaucracy and red-tape and get straight to the heart of the client’s requirements. Our specialist expertise in the digital learning sector as well as our recruitment expertise allowed us to quickly uncover candidates with the skills to positively impact the clients’ learners. The candidate summaries provided allowed the client to get a strong grasp on each candidate’s skills, experience, and suitability for the role and ultimately make their choice quickly and easily.

The Outcome

Thanks to Instinct’s ever-evolving network of learning talent we were able to provide the client with a shortlist of candidates at speed and our specialised recruitment expertise meant we could look beyond technical ability, encompass personality, and career ambition and provide high-quality candidates who also matched the client’s culture. As a result, both positions were filled by candidates provided through Instinct.

“Instinct is proactive and personalised. They understand the profile and can match candidates to your individual needs, the full discussions to understand candidates clearly shows the detail of their knowledge which creates an amazing service.”

Daniel Suarez – Head of Digital Learning

At Instinct, we have been sourcing learning and technology talent for over a decade and have developed a network and refined recruitment techniques that allow us to fulfil any digital learning position. 

We listen to your requirements, offer advice tailored to you, and resolve your recruitment needs to provide a shortlist of available talent – quickly.

If you are looking to hire for a digital learning position, contact us to discuss your needs with an Instinct specialist.