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Another global name for Manchester…

How’s this for a positive headline for our home city: ‘ANOTHER global tech firm chooses to set up a base in Manchester’?

We read the story on the MEN website with interest – and not just in the hope that 8×8 will soon be needing help seeking out local digital talent!

After all, being based nearby isn’t a prerequisite for our recruitment clients. We work nationwide, with a hefty proportion of our clients based in London – which is just a short train ride away.

But there’s no denying that Manchester is an exciting place to be at the moment.

When Instinct was founded, there was no question about where we were going to be headquartered. Sure, we’ve gradually made our way in from the southern suburbs where our directors are from, to the quirky city centre offices we occupy today. But it’s always, always been Manchester.

We’re incredibly proud of being based here. Manchester was the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the programmable computer. It introduced the world to Britpop, graphene – and of course, the greatest football team ever. Manchester is the original modern city.

Some truly world-leading businesses were founded and are flourishing here. Phenomenal technology firms like NCC Group and UKFast. Amazing fashion businesses like Missguided and BoohooBegbies Traynor, the Peel Group…not to mention the buzzing MediaCityUK.

These are fabulous – and well-deserved – success stories. But an international name choosing to establish a UK office here is something slightly different. It’s a huge accolade. Public recognition that the vibrancy, creativity and dynamism of the city we call home is a huge resource to be tapped. That, given the pick of anywhere in the UK, Manchester is a reliable bet for business growth.

As recruitment consultants, we’re well aware that people are a critical – in many cases, THE critical – asset to an organisation. If you have ambitious growth or development plans, it’s vital that you’re based somewhere with a great talent pool to draw from.

We’ve no doubt that 8×8 considered myriad factors before choosing Manchester. But it’s a safe bet that they believe they can staff their business here with highly skilled and ambitious people. Manchester’s hefty student population, fantastic nightlife and leisure offering, and lower cost of living than many other cities have powered a huge and talented workforce.

It may not be possible or even sensible for your own business to be based in the heart of a large city. But the same principles still apply. How will you staff your business? What is the ‘catchment area’ from which you can draw talent? What are the public transport links like, if your employees don’t have cars? What local universities or colleges may be producing the kind of graduates you need?

As for us, we’re looking forward to welcoming many more new names to Manchester in the months ahead.