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Idea: a product of great mental activity

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Why Instinct Marketing?

Where creativity meets employability

  1. Digital marketing isn't a catch-all phrase

    We're all in the digital business, but we know there are lots of disciplines in 'digital'. And we've got specific approaches for all of them.

  2. Marketing talent who know their stuff

    We get to know all our creatives personally, so clients can be sure that our people are more 'walk the walk' than 'talk the talk'.

  3. An idea is a promise, execution is delivery

    There are two sides to creativity. Ideas and design. We know the importance of bringing them together.

  4. Designing careers

    Creating opportunities is what we do. Since the millennium we've helped thousands of creative and marketing professionals craft that opportunity into a dream career.

Our Understanding

Creativity is contagious

Digital has divided the marketing landscape. And that's a good thing. What once was seen as generalist or niche is now seen as specialist and necessary.

From our own beginnings, we championed the online marketplace and encouraged digital professionals as they came up with innovative new ways to reach people online.

When some saw digital as a separation, we saw regeneration. That's why we set up in the first place. To support people and businesses as they broke new ground in areas like social marketing and user interface development. Because we know creativity breeds creativity.

We look after:

  • Account Management

  • Digital Design & Development

  • Search Marketing

  • Social Marketing

  • Customer Journeys

  • Digital Marketers

Our Network

When we talk about digital design, the conversation doesn't stop at Photoshop and Fireworks. Because we know, passion and enthusiasm are just as important. When we meet a marketing manager, we understand that, sometimes, experience can't be measured in years.

That's why our job isn't confined to the office. Read our blogs to see how the team immerse themselves in their market.

Some qualities can't be measured in a database. They're the ones we look for the most.


Mike Ward

Instinct Creative and Marketing

Meet The Lead

Mike has worked within the digital space for 15 years, so is ideally placed to advise our clients on attraction and retention strategies.

Now an 'old timer' - Agency or client-side; contract or permanent!

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